About Classic Medallics

Classic Medallics Inc. is a third generation family business spanning over 60 years of product leadership in manufacturing a wide variety of awards and gifts.

Started in 1940 as a manufacturer of religious jewelry under the name of Frederick Singer & Sons. The company soon after became a dominant player in the religious gift industry.

In the late 1950's, the Singer family saw a golden opportunity to bring it's manufacturing and design experience to the rapidly growing awards industry, which at that time was just beginning to adopt production methods to mass-produce awards. Classic Medallics quickly became one of the leaders and innovators in developing a wide variety of quality metallic products, mass-produced at affordable prices.

To this day, our hand craftsman and designers continue to produce numerous stock and custom products. To name a few, medallions, medals, coins, key chains, jewelry, pins, plaques, trophies, ribbons, figures, pen sets, and clocks.

In order to produce this variety of products we employ several manufacturing processes, including die striking, die casting, centrifugal casting, electroplating, etching, enameling, silk screening, multiple color printing, and wood working. The metals we work with include brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, zinc, pewter, silver and gold. The wood products are made from walnut, oak, ash, rosewood and simulated wood finishes.

Classic Medallics, Inc.
520 South Fulton Ave
Mount Vernon, NY 10550